Climate Risk is Business Risk

Global Risk

Sectors with over $8T in rated debt face heightened climate risk1

Complex Regulations

3,500+ climate laws and policies2

Massive Opportunity

$20T+ investment opportunities by 20303

Systemic uncertainty is complicating risk planning and investment decision-making

  • Physical risks from intense acute events such as wildfires, and chronic events including sustained droughts, add new considerations for real assets because of the threat of significant damages and associated disruption to operations and supply chains.

  • Transition risks from evolving policy and regulation, advancing low-carbon technologies, and changing customer/stakeholder preferences are adding complexity to compliance, reporting, and growth strategies.

measure climate risk

Identify, manage, and measure climate risk and unlock opportunity

  • It’s not just about understanding the scope of climate risk, but what it means to your bottom line. Financial quantification of specific climate risks can help you make better, faster decisions.

  • Climate risk is complex, and its impacts vary while influencing other areas of risk. Comprehensive understanding of climate risk reflects insight on credit ratings and debt markets, global macroeconomic outlooks, and competition in traditional and emerging markets. Understanding these interconnected risks can help you sharpen your risk management strategies and uncover new opportunities.

Translate Global Context into Business Relevance

Explore how Moody's on Climate solutions deliver transparent and robust data, analytics, and insights designed to integrate into your existing business workflows.


Foundational Analysis

Conduct foundational, company, and sector-level analysis and benchmarking to uncover the climate impact on interconnected risks.

  • The integration of climate risk data and insight across our portfolio of risk intelligence offers a complete and consistent view of physical and transition risk on material concerns to your operations and financials.

Foundational Analysis

Explore our cross-industry climate risk capabilities

Moody’s ESGView is a comprehensive platform leveraging Moody’s extensive ESG and climate expertise. Access Carbon Transition Indicators, Carbon Footprint Data, and Temperature Alignment Data.

Economic Forecast Scenarios: Climate Risk
Moody’s Analytics Climate Risk Scenarios provide four alternative pathways forecasting the physical and transition risks to the economy for more than 70 countries and 18,000 macroeconomic variables. The expansive scope of climate-related macroeconomic data allows organizations to analyze business impacts and stress their portfolios for the risks posed by climate change.



Bank resilience and growth potential depends on a comprehensive view of risk, which informs and supports risk management strategies.

  • Climate change presents physical and transition risks with a direct impact on credit worthiness and likelihood of default for credit exposures.
  • Effective management of climate risk requires its integration throughout existing workflows as a dimension of overall risk for banks.
  • Explore our climate risk solutions for loan decisioning, portfolio planning and stress testing, and disclosures and regulations.


Expand perspective on investing with insight into climate risk.

  • Trusted data, metrics, and tools that enable end-users to measure, benchmark, and manage climate-related exposure and risk within credit portfolios.
  • Utilize climate data and analytics to strengthen transaction due diligence and screening such as for your real estate investments. 
  • Demonstrate adherence to disclosure & reporting requirements to align with TCFD and net zero commitments.


Climate Risk Scores for CRE 
Assessing climate risk data at the market, sub-market, and property levels can help commercial real estate professionals better understand their portfolios and reevaluate their decision-making process to prepare for current and future climate hazards.



Enhance decision-making for risk and capital management.

  • Expand risk and capital management approaches by assessing climate-related risks and understanding the future impact of climate change on asset and liability projections.  
  • Help insurers anticipate socio-economic uncertainty so they can make an informed choice of scenarios to use for ORSA/TCFD/stress testing.
  • Align financial analysis with emerging accounting, reporting, and disclosure requirements. 


Climate Risk for Insurers
Climate Pathway Scenario Service translates climate pathways into financial risk variables to power insurers’ asset and liability projections to support quantification of the financial impact from physical and transitional risk



Enhance your climate and sustainability strategy with trusted data and analytics that create insight on risk. 

  • Comply with evolving disclosure and reporting requirements such as SFDR and CSRD. 
  • Boost your supply chain risk management with global, regional, and site-level insights of physical asset exposure and business impacts of transition risk.
  • Explore globally comparable rankings of climate-related exposures, as well as the impact on credit ratings.
  • Support sustainable debt issuers’ funding strategies by helping communicate objectives and enhance transparency through independent assessments.


Climate Risk Scores for CRE 
Assessing climate risk data at the market, sub-market, and property levels can help commercial real estate professionals better understand their portfolios and reevaluate their decision-making process to prepare for current and future climate hazards.



Assess climate risk materiality and extend risk management frameworks. 

  • Complete risk assessments and benchmarking of climate risk, relying on research and insights, transparent modeling, and rigorous data for adaptation and resilience in infrastructure and properties. 
  • Assess climate transition risk with perspectives on carbon emissions at the global, regional, and local scale and insights on macroeconomic and credit impacts across climate scenarios.
  • Support sustainable debt issuers’ funding strategies by helping communicate objectives and enhance transparency through independent assessments.

Why Moody's

Rigorous, Reliable, and Transparent Foundation to Integrate Climate Risk into your Workflows

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

The foundation of Moody’s value is data, and our approach to financial quantification of risk:

  • Interconnected Financial Risk – market-tested data and tools identify and quantify the impact of climate risk on global debt markets, credit performance, and financial outcomes.
  • Physical Risk – decades of real-world data on damages and costs from climate events inform transparent and robust solutions for modeling risk to real assets and translating it to company and country-level impacts.
  • Transition Risk – comprehensive and continuously improving datasets and insights on policy, macroeconomic trends, and company-specific profiles to analyze the impacts of potential future climate scenarios.
Research & Insights

Research & Insights

Built on more than 100 years of analytic experience, Moody’s research and insights provide transparent, rigorous, comprehensive, and independent perspectives on climate risks and opportunities:

  • Global context on macroeconomic trends tied to physical and transition risks.
  • Increasing transparency on how climate factors affect credit ratings.
  • A portfolio-level perspective that provides sector-specific context on the impact of climate.
  • Asset-level detail to help you make decisions and plan for shifting future climate scenarios.
  • Detailed assessments of issuers’ sustainable finance frameworks for bond and loan issuance.


Navigate an Uncertain Landscape of Increasingly Interconnected Risks


Combined expertise in economic and climate science to map the global trends from changing physical threats to shifting politics, technology, and demand.



Targeted models and analytics to scale into sector-specific, business-relevant future scenarios for planning and investment through climate change.



Tailored solutions designed to enhance your risk workflows with analysis that quantifies potential climate risk impact to inform company, firm, and entity-level decisions.


Explore Moody's Climate and ESG Capabilities

Integrated risk insights built on the foundation of Moody’s financial intelligence bolstered with climate, ESG, and sustainable finance IP. Data, analytics, and technology to guide better decisions



Climate on Demand

Get an asset-level forward-looking view of physical climate risk exposure and financial impact  

Moody’s Economic Scenarios for Climate Risk

Scenarios based on the Network for Greening the Financial System's Phase III guidance    

ESG Credit & Sustainable Finance

ESG factors and independent opinion in credit analysis of entities’ sustainable financing plans  

The Climate Pathway Scenario Service

Assess the financial impact of climate risk  

Moody’s RMS Climate Change Models

Models that extend the industry-standard, fully probabilistic approach to climate change risk  


Research & Insights

Curated Research & Insights on critical dimensions of climate risk covering financial quantification, credit impacts, macroeconomic outlooks, and sector-specific implications

Chartis Award

Unleashing the Power of Risk Assessment

For the second consecutive year, Moody’s has secured the number-one overall ranking in the Chartis RiskTech100® annual report, the most comprehensive study of the world's leading providers of risk and compliance technology.

In addition to earning the highest overall position, Moody’s won in 10 separate categories including climate risk.


Moody’s Climate Events

Check out our upcoming virtual and in-person events. Miss one? Access the recordings on-demand.


Adapting to New Climate Disclosures: Shaping the Future of Insurance [On-Demand]

In the face of emerging disclosure standards and escalating risks associated with reputation and climate-related litigation, insurers must advance their risk management practices to become both climate-conditioned and ESG aware. Join us for an engaging discussion centered on these key topics. Gain first-hand insights from leading industry experts on the current landscape and the necessary changes insurers need to make.


The Impact of Climate Risk on the Energy Sector [On-Demand]

Explore the key market dynamics at the intersection of climate change and the energy sector with Moody's and industry experts in this virtual roundtable. The speakers will discuss economic implications and opportunities from climate change, the transition to renewable energy with a focus on the opportunities for H2 Fuel sources, and assessment of infrastructure vulnerability and resiliency.

Talk to a Moody’s climate risk expert today.

Explore how Moody’s on Climate delivers insight on risk and opportunity with robust and reliable data and analytics, and transparent methodologies you can trust.




Let us share how our Moody’s on Climate solutions are designed to complement your existing workflows to deliver the insight you need. Our DNA is financial intelligence and our investments have amplified our offerings with data, modeling, and IP for financial quantification of climate risk to help you make better, faster decisions.

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