What is Climate on Demand?

A web-based application with global coverage that generates on-demand, location-specific climate hazard exposure scores through 2100 (by decade) producing individual and portfolio risk scores, including scenario analysis capabilities. Dig deep into risk scores and examine specific risk drivers, explore underlying indicators, and capture various dimensions of risk.

An early-2023 update will include climate risk financial metrics and impact scores.

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Climate decisions

Know your climate risk to make better decisions

Asset managers and owners need to quantify climate risks and financial impacts for real assets to:

  • Justify individual investment decisions 
  • Manage portfolios and capital allocation of real assets 
  • Meet regulatory requirements and voluntary disclosures  
  • Perform screening and climate stress testing 
  • Understand real-time climate event impacts 
  • Access climate adjusted credit risk and supply chain impacts

Moody’s Is in the Chartis Leader’s Quadrant for Climate-Focused Data and Analytics

Climate on Demand, Moody’s physical risk solution, along with the company’s full climate suite received the Chartis award as a top category leader in climate risk and data analytics.
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Translate physical climate risk into financial impact

Climate change has far-reaching business implications and will continue to affect the magnitude and frequency of acute and chronic hazards.

Climate Uncertainty

Effective climate risk modeling must comprehensively capture physical climate trends and assets’ climate exposure and vulnerability.


Best-in-class hazard insights give information on the potential for climate-related physical events or trends that may damage or destroy an asset.


Capturing the unique characteristics that determine each asset’s climate exposure, is essential for accurate modeling of interactions between hazard and vulnerability.


Accurate vulnerability estimates reflect the susceptibility of an asset to damage or business interruption requiring deep understanding of all exposure-related aspects.

Financial Impacts

Basing climate assessments in financial modeling generates decision-ready metrics to translate climate risk into a common currency, for portfolio management and risk strategy.

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Introducing Moody’s Climate on Demand

Drive financial management strategies with quantified climate risk. 

  • Translate climate risk into decision-ready metrics supported by decades of financial impacts data, building science, and climate modeling.
  • Tailor your own view of climate risk to your industry, asset types, with data and analytics suited to fit your workflows with global coverage.
  • Apply smart portfolio analytics to optimize with advanced hazard correlation and aggregation capabilities designed to inform even the world's largest portfolios.
  • Make better decisions with Moody’s for the industry's most trusted scientific and financial view on forward-looking risk.

Our vision for modeling climate impact

Expand risk identification to quantification 


Hazard Scores

Indicators that reflect every geolocation's risk to six global hazards: heat stress, water stress, floods, hurricanes and typhoons, sea level rise, and wildfires.


Impact Scores

Scaled risk metrics that account for each asset's vulnerability and exposure to compounding drivers of physical risk.


Financial Metrics

Detailed estimates of damage and business interruption due to climate and climate change hazards, backed by decades in research investments and experience in modeling physical climate impacts.

Climate risk map

Creating a common currency for climate risk

Measure what matters creating a robust, comprehensive approach.

  • Validated on 30 years of real asset loss data with on-the-ground engineering assessments.
  • Unparalleled model and methodology documentation for rich collaborations with customers.
  • Equipped with experience in bringing emerging risks to market and as an industry leader in highly regulated environments.
  • Defined metrics capture real asset climate risk exposure and vulnerability to deliver real-world-validated financial impacts.

Explore Moody's Interconnected Risk Capabilities

Transparent, rigorous, and reliable climate risk data, models, and analytics

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Climate Change Models
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Climate on Demand News and Insights

Learn about recent product insights plus perspectives and analysis on key trends shaping global climate change risk assessment and sustainable finance. 

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